Teachers Matter

Teachers Matter

On international teachers day, a teacher posted on social media to wish other teachers well. This teacher also wondered, at the five-year mark in her career, whether she were making a difference in people’s lives or not.

Here are 10 ways that teachers positively and deeply impact people’s lives on a regular basis.

  1. Teachers give focused attention and encouragement to children and what they are doing. For many children, the classroom may be the only place where this happens regularly, where an adult meets them on their level.
  2. Teachers attend to the long-term social and emotional growth of children as well as their healthy physical development. Teachers play a major role in shaping children as good human beings.
  3. Teachers motivate children to explore, discover, create and share within educational settings. Children are naturally curious and creative. Being able to guide those propensities in ways that yield academic success is the grand art of teaching.
  4. Teachers take children on trips, allowing them to formatively experience the world and express themselves with their peers in ways that don’t happen in the classroom or at home.
  5. Teachers connect children to local and international communities, thereby cultivating them as caring, informed and responsible citizens.
  6. Teachers help facilitate the hopes and dreams of families. When parents put their children in schools, they aren’t just complying with legislation for mandatory schooling. Parents enrol their children with the hope that they will realize success in adulthood and that they will experience joy often during their journey.
  7. Teachers provide parents with strategies for managing children’s special learning and/or behavioural needs, and teachers work intensively alongside children and parents to achieve improvement.
  8. Teachers protect children from physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect.
  9. Teachers make a big deal about small successes. They clean cuts, wipe away tears and give hugs. They hang wild artwork. They set boundaries but also tell children that the sky’s the limit. They cultivate school aptitudes and coach how to navigate social complexities. They provide structure, give direction and transmit the skills for self-driven growth.
  10. Teachers try to change the world through their work.

Teachers matter.

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