The books on this page were written with the express purpose of identifying core dilemmas that educators routinely face and offering real solutions. Used well, these books can make big differences.

By Dr. John Botting
$5.99 USD

Being good at doing a job and being good at getting a job are two very different things. Many qualified applicants fail to get job offers because they perform poorly in interviews. Sometimes they think they’re doing well, but from the interviewers’ perspective, they’re not. 

Based on hundreds of interviews, this handbook gives essential insider information on how to substantially increase your odds of getting a job offer. 

If you’re going to go for an interview, read this book first–especially educators who run the annual hiring gauntlet! Avoid serious (but common) mistakes, and maximize your positive impression.

Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (4th ed.)

By Stephen B. McCarney
Publisher: Hawthorne
Pre-Referral Intervention Manual

I implement this book as an essential baseline standard for managing student behaviour at every school that I oversee. It is that good! The book is a user-frienldy manual for identifying and handling a wide range of student behaviour and learning issues. It contains thousands of excellent strategies. Every teacher should have this book because it effectively reduces everyone’s suffering.